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Loxjie D30 DAC / Headphone Amp Review

Publish: 2020-10-31  Views: 2673

A review of the Loxjie D30 DAC / Headphone Amp all-in-one, including comparisons with the Topping L30 headphone amp and the Topping D50S and P50 DAC, linear power supply combo.

You can buy the Loxjie D30 here: https://hifi-express.com/products/lox... (Passion for Sound receives no benefit, monetary or otherwise, from any sales made)

0:00  Introduction

1:53  Design and functions

4:05  Features and menu options

5:33  Direct DSD explanation

7:40  Remote controlling the D30

8:37  Independent volumes (HPO & RCA)

9:27  Why I love the D30

9:54  Glamour video

10:38  Sound quality

12:30  DAC comparison vs Topping D50S

15:54  Amp comparison vs Topping L30

19:03  Final conclusions

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