MQA Audio DAC & Headphone-AMP
Support MQA full decoding, optical, coaxial input supports MQA-CD;
ESS ES9068AS D/A chip, carefully tuned performance and sound, distortion as low as 0.0001%;
The 2nd XMOS solution, PCM supports up to 32bit/768kHz, and DSD hardware solution supports up to DSD512;
Bluetooth function, Qualcomm's digital Bluetooth solution supports APTX/HD, SBC, AAC;
Built-in high-performance headphone amplifier;
With pre-level functions, it is convenient to connect to active speakers;
2 low phase noise crystal oscillators provide a pure low jitter clock for the DAC;
Built-in low-noise power supply to give full play to the performance of the DAC;
Built-in 3 kinds of PCM format digital filters;
Full-view color IPS display with dimmer function;
Full-function remote control operation, all functions have memory;
Japan Audio Association (JAS) Hi-Res certification.