AK4499EQ Audio DAC
Support MQA full decoding.
Flagship DAC chip AK4499, the audio industry's highest performance.
The THD+N is as low as 0.000068% (-123dB)!
When using A-weighted measurement, it is as low as 0.000058% (-124dB)!
Dynamic range up to 131dB!
USB uses the second XMOS 16-core processor XU216,support native DSD512 and 32bit 768kHz!
The crystal oscillator with ultra-low phase noise is used as the audio clock.
Specially designed and enhanced power supply system provides ultra-low noise power supply with output noise as low as 1.8uVrms!
Bluetooth 5.0 digital audio input, support APT-X, external antenna,transmission distance farther!
Support LVDS level differential I2S reception (using HDMI interface), it can accept the lowest jitter digital audio!
Using color LCD screen and newly developed user interface, full-function remote control.
Use USA TI’s opa1612 top-end op amp.
Using lots of audiophile grade components, high precision, low temperature drift and resistors and capacitor!